Saturday, August 20, 2005

Lesson 2: Pleasantries

…In case you travel to Naboo someday. ;)

I should start off with saying that I don't expect you to memorize all of this. But will it help you learn to speak Naboovian if you do memorize it? Absolutely.

Yes- Avieka
No- Payiel
Maybe- Parré
Please- Aralania
Thank you- Resirala
You’re welcome- Abé nirdaka
Bless you- Murmalli
Said when someone coughs- Sirda
I’m sorry- Devaranos ilo
Hello- Niradé
Goodbye- Ikeesé or Demaphekes nidoo sirdath or Sirdath

Ikeesé is a general word for goodbye. Demaphekes nidoo sirdath means literally “have peace” in a poetic dialect and can be used for “hello” or “goodbye.” Kind of like aloha. Sirdath just means “peace.”

Touristy Phrases

Do you speak Naboovian? English?
Kebieles rel kinethavi aru Naboo? Injili?

I don’t speak Naboovian/English.
Soé yiiel kiebelos ilo kimethavi aru Naboo/Injili.

I speak a little Naboovian/English.
Soé kebielos ilo abé ideth kimethavi aru Naboo/Injili.

What’s this called in Naboovian? English?
Utheyokiellas apé thé kimethavi aru Naboo? Injili?


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